what's cooking?

I went to walk around the square with my sister since it was nice out and we don't hang out that often. When we were both still in high school, we would walk to CVS and Starbucks everyday after school and buy drinks and magazines. We did exactly that!

We browsed the magazines and then went to Starbucks where we sat outside in the sweltering heat. I had some walnut banana bread, but I don't like walnuts so I fed them to the birds.

I decided to cook dinner for Jeff because I've never cooked before...sad, really. It was nothing special - just pasta and mashed potatoes. It was supposed to be a surprise but he got out of work early and showed up. So he helped me finish and we ate before watching the new episode of ABDC.

Now it's Monday and I'm at work...hungry, too.



  1. i <3 u! we can take many of those trips at BU too. haha you'll just have to come to kenmore so we can go to B&N to read magazines instead. i feel like i'm going to be spending a LOT of time there next year.

  2. Ahhh I saw ABDC and it was sooo horrible in my opinion, these dancers just get worse and worse lol


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