claflin 1115

It's the late afternoon and I have some downtime so I thought I'd show everyone my dorm room! It's nothing special, but instead pretty ordinary.

This is my area of the room. I live in a triple, so I have two roommates. We each have a lofted bed, a wardrobe, a desk, and a dresser.

My desk area is pretty plain right now. I'm going to decorate it more someday and make it more personal.

And this is the view from our room. The sun shines on the field in the morning and it looks really nice. A great way to wake up!

Well, that's that. I went to matriculation today; it was kind of boring but not too long, thankfully. And then there was SPLASH, where all the clubs and organizations
and such set up tables at the field. They handed out a bunch of free stuff. I then had lunch with my friend Rachel, who went to my high school and is also attending BU. We hung out in her room for a little before I treked all across campus back to my dorm at West.

Tomorrow is going to be a free day. And then classes start Wednesday. Eeks!



  1. the dorm looks good :) you just need to personalize it to make it feel comfy. good luck with classes!

  2. cool!! sometimes i wish i lived in a dorm but i think i would get annoyed sharing a room with people xD

  3. hahah :D your dorm looks the same as my boyfriends.
    he's at hojo. the building next to SMG.
    and then he also told me that he's taking japanese. i wonder if you guys are so coincidencely in the same class lol xD


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