Woke up. Went back to sleep at Jeff's. Woke up again. Went to the mall. Ate Indian food. Bought a shirt. Accidentally ripped my little toenail. Read magazines at bookstore. Bought a magazine. Ate at Chili's. Rented a movie. Read new magazine with Jeff. Watched movie. Stayed up too late on the computer.

Woke up. Cleaned the house. Nose bleed. Bought bubble tea @ Lollicup.W ent to the mall. Feet killed. Another new magazine. Lusted after shoes. Rented another movie. Watched the movie. Family dinner. Late-night trip to Target. Ran after Jeff multiple times. Bought three bags of chips. Ate one bag of chips. Fell asleep with Jeff.

Woke up. Serenaded by Jeff. Trip to Harvard Square. Bubble tea & Connect Four. Supermarket stop. Rented another movie. Watched movie. Ate dinner. Watched scary kidnapping cases. Season premiere of America's Best Dance Crew. Watched my sister sing karaoke. Annoyed by my laptop.

[goofing off in Borders]

My weekend in fragments.



  1. Awesome, I love that image too, the heart wall is perfect. And I'm a Borders freak, I'm in there like every week. ;)

    That E! program was tres creepy.. I had to turn it off 1/2 way...


  2. That heart picture is sick. I love it.


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