on the agenda

It looks nice out today. I haven't left the house yet, but that's what the sun is telling me. If I didn't already have plans today, I would suggest going to the beach. I want to go once more before summer is over!!

I think we are going on another excursion to IKEA today. I want to buy dorm things and such. It's a hassle to get there...hopefully there aren't tons of people. But it is Saturday.

It's also my childhood friend's going away party. She's going to California for college, so she's having a barbecue-type thing. I'm going to feel really awkward though, cause I don't know any of her friends.

This feels weird. I'm eating breakfast. It's more like brunch now but yeah, it feels strange.


photo - cobra snake


  1. cool Outfit, love the dress!!


  2. hey shirley, where are you going to be staying? :o
    the warren towers or something? n__n


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