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Here is a little short update as I take a break from packing.

Yes, PACKING!! Tomorrow is the day I finally move into my dorm. And I put off packing until the last minute, as usual. Right now, it consists of me dumping clothes into a suitcase, hoping that it will all fit so I don't have to actually fold them. But it looks like I will have to make room.

It kind of sucks that the weekend is gonna be crappy rainy weather. Today I went with Jeff to drop some things off at his dorm (or suite, to be more correct). Then we decided to go shopping at Wrentham because I wanted to see their American Apparel. I got a purple poplin dress and a dark grey skirt.

My family celebrated my grandfather's 70th birthday today too. Tomorrow we're gonna celebrate it again, but at a restaurant.

Actually, today was full of bad luck. My dad's new scooter got stolen, along with his bunch of keys that were inside it. We got trapped in the pouring rain, and got a parking ticket.

Things will get better though, right? That's how it always is.

I should get back to packing. I don't want to stay up all night!


photo - cobra snake

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  1. Ahh, bad things always come at once !! But you should be happy your grampa is so old ha ha, i don't even have grandparents >.<

    You should have waited for labor day to go to wrentham! they have crazyyy sales. I went last year and I got mad guess shirts for $5


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