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A little blogging before bed~

I know American Apparel is suffering and all right now, but that's better for us who now get to buy their stuff for 50% online!! I ordered from two different sales on Swirl, which is another one of those sites similar to GiltGroupe and HauteLook.

My gets: Dolman Sleeve Hoody, Leggings & Crop Leggings, Printed Double-U Mini Dress, and Rib Raglan.

I really like ASOS. However, shipping from the UK is a pain in the ARSE. Not only does it take about a month to get here, but twice I've had problems with my orders. The first time my package was lost in the mail so they had to send me another one. This time, my order was wrong and they sent me someone else's shoes. I originally ordered a really cute pair of leopard-print flats but now they're out of stock so they have to refund my order instead :(

These were the shoes they sent me - I would consider keeping them if they were my size!

And I finally got my ViVi magazines. I haven't read it in like two months! The November one came with this fuzzy pouch thing that reminds me of the dust thingys in Spririted Away! I don't what I could keep in it except my camera. It's really soft though so I like petting it.


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