weekend recap

It was a much needed extended holiday weekend. But tomorrow a new week begins and there's about three weeks left until the end of the semester and I'M SCARED. Please give me strength in this time of high stress...but onto a mini recap!

Friday. Our fobtastic friends decided to go to Wrentham for midnight Black Friday shopping, but Jeff and I didn't feel like making the hour long drive there. Instead we stayed up the whole night and decided to go the the mall last minute at 5am with my sister. Stopped by Target, Forever21, etc. but all I bought was some facial cleansing wipes and a headband. After, we had breakfast at Tresca's and then slept from 8 to 4...woke up to go to work haha!

Saturday. We have a bad habit of sleeping late and waking late on the weekends because of our work schedule. So that's pretty much all we did.

Sunday. Stayed in the whole day, with the exception of getting ice cream at midnight. Woke up in the afternoon, ate some homemade bun bo hue and watched football for a little before taking a two hour nap haha! Had some pizza for dinner and lounged around the rest of the day trying to deny that tomorrow is Monday...

I should have taken advantage of all the Black Friday deals going on, but I'm far too lazy!


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