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Just a short weekend update. I'm aware that these are boring, but I do it just to 1) have something to blog about, 2) share random photos, and 3) remember in the future.

Actually worked most of this weekend, so there's nothing much to it. But today, we went to the mall so I could pick up a belated birthday gift for my sister (she's 21 now) and also got myself a pair of "treggings" and a body mist. I do not know why they are called "treggings" cause they're just kinda like slim stretchy twill pants. I don't know. I like them though, a nice change from all the jeans/leggings/jeggings that I usually wear. Haha.

We tried out a hot pot buffet place but I wasn't really feeling it. If you've been reading my tweets and blog you'll know I've been having hot pot a lot these days...plus, we've already decided that Shabu-Zen is the best for hot pot. I think we'll hold off on the shabu for a while.

Is Thanksgiving in two weeks? Jeez time flies by!


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