crunch time

It's the last week of classes. I am SO not ready. I feel like I say this in every single post, but I just get so overwhelmed cause I procrastinate so much and it stresses me out. I bring it upon myself, I know. Maybe this weekend should have contained more schoolwork, but I did help my boyfriend out with his. Now I need to focus focus FOCUS!

How do you guys stay motivated? I lack motivation.


photo - hedi slimane


  1. good luck! i'm easily motivated because i look for the little things to keep me happy x hivennn.

  2. Motivation? What is that? I drag my dead body to the finish line feeling quite defeated, haahaa! But! But! I do want to wish you the best of luck & full focus!!

  3. Good luck!
    What sometimes gets me through is the feeling after finishing exams. The plans I have for the holidays... if I study the faster I'll get over this little bump in the road to get to the other side :)

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  5. you will do fine i bet!! good luck though :):) great blog. also, let me know if you wanted to follow each other. Have a fabulous day!

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  6. good luck! be motivated by knowing that you get to blog more when you're done ;) love the photo you paired with this post!


  7. Ahhh, I know how you feel...this is my last week, too and I can't wait to be done!! Hmm, the best way to stay motivated? I would try and reevaluate your goals, maybe look at some of the past work you've done, and remember how important this is to you!! OH, and turn off your cell phone, hehe!


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