sand in my pants

I finally got to go to the beach!! It makes it feel like it's actually summer. For at least one day, since the endless rain is going to come back.

When Jeff and I go to the beach, we like to mainly just lay there and tan. Well, he always ask if I want to bring a volleyball or something but I'm lazy. I just like to lie on his stomach and read, haha. I got a bit tanner and kind of sunburned. But it's not that bad. Jeff is really red in the chest area. We didn't notice until we looked in the mirror and started cracking up cause he looked like a lobster!

So after lounging on the beach for like two hours or so, we went to Brown's for some fried seafood. We went there last time too. We had the seafood platter, which is just a bunch of fried clams, scallops, shrimp & fish with french fries and cole slaw.

I really like going to the beach, but it's a real bitch to get up there to Hampton sometimes because of the traffic. I sit there and read/nap/dance to music while Jeff is slowly inching towards our destination. I love you, Jeffrey!

Surprisingly my face is burn-free. It must be my super-shades.

Jeff is gonna make fun of me for that one.


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