July is almost over and I feel like I've accomplished absolutely nothing this summer so far. It's not even that I want to do something meaningful, but I feel like I haven't made this summer the best it could be. All I do is sleep, spend time with Jeff, and then go to work.

I want a vacation from this vacation. But it's not looking very likely...

There's a month before I start college! Yikes.


photo - cobra snake


  1. good luck w/ college i think u'll enjoy it

  2. july is pretty much over! time flies!!

  3. Ha ha ha, i feel your pain. I told myself this would be the best summer ever. 18, before college. But i do the sameeee thing... except I don't even work LOL

  4. There's plently of time to do something worthwhile! I'm sure you could do a little research and find something really great :)


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