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I'm afraid I've given into the Alexa Chung hype. I went through her thread on tFS, followed her on Twitter, and watched clips of her new MTV talk show online. I should try catching the whole show on television sometime, but it's at noon. Such a random time to me. I love her British accent and she's very funny.

I love getting things in the mail, especially packages. And when it's something I've ordered online, even better! Currently, I'm waiting for three Japanese magazines I've ordered. I'm still sad that Kotobukiya closed, but at least I can still find them somewhere.

[Sweet, Ryu-Ryu, ViVi]

I'm currently waiting for Jeff to get out of work. We're going to go see Bruno, and maybe another movie. The weekend's here!


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  1. u could subscribe to vivi even if u don't live in japan? omg, i would def. subscribe to it.. that used to be my fav magazine when i lived in la since japantown was only 20mins away driving distance..


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