a little bit of girl talk

I need a haircut and to do my nails. My hair is kinda damaged, with a bunch of split ends. And my nail polish is chipping so it's begin to bother me.

[This is a good example of how I want my hair to look. Only with less bangs.]

[Jun Hasegawa inspired by Lady Gaga! Still loving the hair bow.]

[Wondering if this is Marie's new dog. It's so cute!]

[I like these three nail designs]

[I've never seen these glasses before & thought they were funny.]

All the images are from the August issue of ViVi. The magazine just keeps getting better in my opinion. Give Marie more camera time and I'm a reader for life!

[Singing "White Light"]

Oh and I can't wait for Namie's Best Fiction concert DVD to come out.



  1. emma from my.tshirtlife.net
    i love the first hair cut! the color is gorgeous; show off your new hair with pics if you get it cut!

  2. yeah i just hope you don't dye it xD beautiful either way

  3. Love it! Who is the girl from the first picture?


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