say hello to my new laptop

I'm typing this entry on my new laptop! It's been a month since my old laptop went bye-bye. This one is a lot smaller and I'm still getting used to it, but it's better. It's really annoying to have to download everything again but its' worth it!

So last night Jeff and I went to see Bruno. It was funny, but a little bit too vulgar for my taste! I think a lot of other people enjoyed it though. Today we ate pho & got bubble tea. It was really nice out again, but then it got chilly in the evening. And it rained. Big surprise.

I've become a iced coffee addict...it's not good. Hazelnut coffee is just so freakishly tasty, I can't help myself. But I have to cut it down because it keeps giving me a headache.

Tomorrow...dim sum with Jeff's family? Maybe a haircut?

We'll just have to wait & see.


photo - cobra snake

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