independence weekend

This year, my family decided to go away to New York City for a couple days. We drove up Friday morning and had lunch with some family friends in Flushing first. Then we went into the city and checked into our hotel before going out anywhere.

The main reason we went was because my sister and cousin wanted to check out the Museum of Modern Art. So we dropped them off somewhere on Park Avenue and let them find their way there. The rest of us decided to wander the city a little bit. As exciting as NYC, I'm not a big fan. I don't deal well with loads of people. So we stayed out of the areas with swarms of people for the most part.

[Giant Hello Kitty!]

We met up with my uncle afterward and he took us to a restaurant his friend owned in Brooklyn. The food was a bit more exotic than what we've had in Boston. It was pretty tasty, but his friend went a little overboard with all the food! I was stuffed. All of my uncle's friends smoke so my sisters and I went out to the parking lot and sat in the bed of his truck. The weather was nicer there than Boston so it was a nice change.

[Raw shrimp I ate with soy sauce & wasabi]

The next day was spent entirely in Chinatown. My older sister and I separated from the rest of the family since we had no interest in pastries and cute toys. What we did was check out all the bubble tea shops and looked for our fave magazine store...which was GONE! It was a bit sad.

[My sister and I making faces]

After we ate, we were on the road back to Boston. We got back around 8:30 - just in time for 4th of July fireworks!! Jeff picked me up and we went to his cousin's house the next town over. They always have a barbeque and their house is right in front of the park where they light the fireworks every year. It wasn't as spectacular as the year before (no money?!?!) but it was still a nice sight. We have some fireworks of our own, but have yet to light them. And they're illegal in Massachusetts...teehee.


The weather's looking a bit better now that July is here. Yes!


EDIT: I added the photos!


  1. "lets go to ny in december... lets go in april..." lets... never go >.>


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