The weather was so nice this weekend! Perfect for the beach...unfortunately, I didn't end up going. Maybe when the good weather rolls around again.

On Saturday, we went to the Natick Mall to get our exercise on. Since we're so lazy, we just walk around the mall for exercise. I didn't buy anything other than some Indian food & coffee from McDonald's. But I do wish I bought those sunglasses/glasses at Nordstrom...

I also practiced driving a little with Jeff. We went around the library parking lot a few times before he allowed me to attempt driving home from there. So I got to drive on an actual street! It was kind of nerve-wrecking though - I was going like 10 miles an hour and the car behind me kept honking. But whatever. Apparently I do this swerving thing that gets Jeff really scared. So I didn't drive all the way home.

Yesterday, I went to eat dim sum with Jeff and then we walked around downtown and Boston Common. I was planning on getting my haircut but that didn't end up happening. I'm thinking about going somewhere different now. Hmm.

[Boston Common at its best]

[Drinking DD iced tea in the grass]

Later that night, we stopped by the Italian carnival in Newton. We were interested in the games & rides, so we just bought food and left. We had Italian sausages and fried dough. Yum!

I'm currently at work with a headache. It's probably cause I haven't eaten, with the exception of some gummy bears & a bag of chips I bought. Now I have to sit here for 3 and 1/2 more hours...AHHHHHH.



  1. im doing drivers lessons too
    good luck to both of us!

  2. wow !! thats so cool we're both from mass ha ha ha... and it seems we're doing the same things !! i'm practicing driving now too.... im taking my license test this saturday but im sooo nervous !!!

    i also went to the natick mall saturday(or friday?) too LOL, that place is huge right?

    i hope you don't mind if i follow your blog ^ ^

  3. Urgh, I was really nervous during my first driving test too. I think the key to being a good driver is keeping calm and being confident. Nothing scares your passengers more than a nervous wreck! I'm sure you'll get a lot better with more practice :)


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