Yes, I was not creative enough to think of a better title. Deal with it.

I had my first driving lesson today! It went okay, I guess. I didn't hit anything, haha. But I stayed in the parking lot. My instructor taught me what everything in the car did, and
then we went around the parking lot again & again. With more practice, I think I'll be okay.

Work was a little busier than usual. I started out alphabetizing a ton of business cards. That was kind of tedious. And there were actually a lot of things going on in the building tonight. Adult ESL classes started today, and there were several meetings. I had to stay extra because of that, but Jeff was there to keep me company <3>

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home: two of my Japanese magazines!! I flipped through them quickly, but I'll have something to read before bed tonight. Yay.

[Posing for the webcam as opposed to getting my camera]

Jeff and I were playing with my new laptop's webcam and its effects. We're kind of photo whores.



  1. I like the other photos better and you need to upload it on facebook!

  2. RyuRyu!! I love that catalog! Esp. their room editions XDDD


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