sweet thirteen

Another day of beautiful weather today on me and Jeff's thirteen month anniversary! We actually totally forgot about it until we were eating dinner, haha. But everyday is special to me, so we don't need to just celebrate one day a month <3

We went to eat dim sum wit
h Jeff's family first. There was a buffet-style dim sum place in Framingham called Oriental Pearl, so they though they would try it. It wasn't that great. Chinatown is definitely much better.

After that we decided to roam around Harvard Square. We w
alked around the different shops before deciding to get some snacks. We got cupcakes at a really cute cupcake shop called "Sweet". And then I got iced coffee (hehe) and Jeff got mango snow bubble tea.

[Our cupcakes - Sweet Bun & Caramel Macchiato]

[Our yummy drinks]

We walked around some more before deciding to eat at Wagamama. I had miso beef ramen and Jeff had chili beef ramen. I didn't really like it that much because it tasted very Americanized to me...not authentic Japanese ramen. Oh well. We'll try anything once.

There were also these people posing in Harvard Square. I found it very creepy but Jeff took some photos:

Tomorrow's Monday. Gross. I have my first driving lesson before work. Let's see how that goes...


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