first day of work

I started my first day of work yesterday. It's not really the first day ever, since this is the third summer I've worked here at BCNC. But the first of 2009, you see. My job is the receptionist, so I sit at the front desk and answer phones, help people that come in, and surf the web. And occasionally I have to do tedious office work like stuffing envelopes or typing up things.

For the most part, it's pretty easy until someone obnoxious comes in or calls. Yesterday was probably one of the easiest days I've had in a while. Today hasn't been too bad. But more annoying than yesterday. I think I'm starting to confuse myself.

During work yesterday, Jeff brought me dinner (salty spicy squid!) and a avocado shake with pearls. He stayed with me until closing time at 9 and then we went to the park to light fireworks! It was kind of scary cause it was loud, but it was pretty. I hope we didn't bother anyone...

I guess it's nice that I have the computer here. But 6 straight hours of sitting here - it'll get boring after a while. At least I'll probably blog a lot more!!



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