we go to tarjay

I love going to Target and wandering around, cause you'll always find something.

Jeff and I went there today after we ate a late lunch (or early dinner) at Bertucci's. There, we found yummy pasta, bad waitstaff, and an old friend.

After reading gossip tabloids and looking at various items, I purchased a new mascara and some foot cushions so I can wear my lovely gladiator wedges without dying.

I really like these two Hollywood Intuition handbags that were a special line by the boutique Intuition. I couldn't decide which one I like better...one is a purple satchel and another is a black tote with a colorful scarf.

We went to the supermarket after to return a DVD to the Redbox. But while we were there, Jeff wanted a drink. He decided to get a bottle of orange soda since it was only 99 cents, and then there was a 50 cents off coupon. When the lady rang it up, it turned out to only be 4 cents since it was something called a "double coupon". Awesome.

[Jeff loves his orange "crush"]

I love that it feels like summer. But I'm sweating like a mad(w0)man!


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  1. lol i'm alwaaaays OUT of control at target. i go in for one thing, and end up spending $392038280. EVERY time!! haha.


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