the weekend & photos

I look forward to the weekend so much, but nothing really interesting happens. At least I get to relax.

My cousin from LA visited so we had dinner at my grandmother's. The balcony view from my other grandparents' apartment in Boston.

Visited my great-grandmother's grave today. It's was a nice day out, but a bit windy. Cemeteries in the daytime aren't creepy at all. They're actually kind of peaceful.

It's officially spring now, but it isn't significantly warmer. I want to be able to wear a tee without feeling chilly. That's kind of hard for me though, cause I get cold anyways.

I confess, I'm obsessed with Jessica Michibata right now. I want her photobook, now. I wish that were me lounging in the sun right about now!!

The countdown to graduation begins soon.


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