anything goes

On Friday night, I went to see my high school production of "Anything Goes" with my boyfriend and family. My younger sister was in it, as well as many of my friends. I was never interested in the drama department though. It wasn't that bad, but kind of boring.

I won a gift basket from my school's Diversity Week! It was a raffle for answering the question "Name 10 countries that have four-letter names." I would love to say I won it fairly, but my sister and her friend rigged it so I would win. I love them, haha.

[School supplies, snacks, and a Target gift card]

Like I said I would, I went to buy that Calpico mango drink. But they didn't have Hello Kitty on the label anymore. My boyfriend got the strawberry one and I tried that one too. I should try the original one like Carol suggested. But yes, I got my issue of ViVi from Kotobukiya as well.

[I had to take a picture before he drank it]

Then my boyfriend gave me a short driving lesson like he promised. I'm not very good, but I didn't hit anything in that huge parking lot. Practice makes perfect?

I went to the Natick mall afterward with him and my sister and mom. I looked at prom dresses for a little, and I found one I really liked. But they didn't have it in my size...the only time in my life I'll probably wish I was a bigger size. I'm going to try finding it in another store though.

[It looked way prettier in person]

I also had pho that night. I hadn't had it in a while, so it was delicious.

[I want some now]

Today, Sunday, was my friend's birthday party. I was there for a bit, just hanging out and such. It wasn't too much fun though cause I feel left out sometimes...cause I'm not part of the whole drama department. Eh well.

I'm hungry again now. I ate a lot at the party, but now it's starting to digest.



  1. oh god i really don't like that feeling after i eat a lot XD it feels like i want to rip my stomach off...

    but anyway, the original calpico taste really really good :D

    that dress is very pretty too! i <3 natick mall but it's so hard to get there on my own without a car D: i just take the comm.rail and walk a mile after that... but its kinda dangerous cuz its a highway

    and omg shirley dont worry about it i really like your long comments :D it makes me smile lol xD


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