much ado about nothing

I don't have much to blog about, so I decided to post some snapshots of editorials and such from my March magazines. Yes, I'm that bored. I was too lazy to scan them instead though.


[Catherine McNeil in Harper's Bazaar]

[Kristen Stewart in Nylon]

[Doutzen Kroes in Allure]

[Rinka in Sweet]

[Sweet; I forgot her name]

[Hinano Yoshikawa in Sweet]

[Kiko in ViVi]

[Lena in ViVi; for you Jeffrey]

You know what is aggravating? There is a dress I like I saw in one of my magazines, but I have yet to see in any store or online yet. And it's been like, a month.


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  1. great inspirations!
    love vivi mags!
    i've stopped purchasing them ever since i moved to SF due to lack of funding..lol


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