longing for spring

I am tired of all the snow already. I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere sunny year-round. A warm Christmas might be kind of strange though.

Today there was a slight glimpse into spring. I woke up an hour early, thinking it was time to get up for school because it was so bright outside! But to my surprise, I got to sleep some more.

I heard the faint chirping of the birds too. They annoy the hell out of me on those weekends you're trying to sleep, but it was another hopeful sign. And when I walked home from school, the sun was beating down. It felt nice even though there was still a chill.

[Evokes a feeling of spring]

Tomorrow is Friday! This week wasn't too bad, thanks to the snow day on Monday.

It's my friend's birthday tomorrow as well. He'll be having a celebration on Sunday, so I have to go find him a gift.


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