When I say that, I'm not even remotely kidding. People (myself included), always go "I FAILED THAT TEST!", but we know we really didn't. It's more like the C range. But this time, I'm pretty sure I got a F. A legit ZERO.

How is that possible, you might ask? On a regular test, you might get some partial credit or what not, but my student teacher is just so - bizarre. And a horrible teacher, I add, for the millionth time. She has this thing where each question has a base number of points it's worth. Then there are extra points that we "bet" on each question. Stupidly, I bet all my points on the matching I was POSITIVE was correct. Then I ask people that actually know what they're doing in my pre-cal class what they did. And our answ
ers did not match. So sadly, I wasted my points on that and totally bullshitted all the other problems. I don't know how to graph sine and cosine, so shoot me.

Enough complaining. I know nobody really cares about my schoolwork.

What do I have to look forward to?

THE TRIP TO NYC!!! Yes, I am so excited. Even though it's a school trip for the music students to participate in a music festival, I am glad to go anywhere. Too bad there won't be much shopping. Probably a bit of sight-seeing though. Either way, I am stoked.

[NYC trip of 2007; my lovely roomies]

I'll leave this entry at that. I have been blogging more than usual. It's the senioritis. Maybe there'll be another entry later tonight...



  1. I feel your pain. I failed a math test today too for AP Statistics. And I mean fail as in F-... At least you have New York to look forward too!

  2. wow! :o new york? that's so cool
    my school never goes anywhere these days... they're so cheap. we're having budget cuts :[
    have a fun and safe trip n__n!
    if i were you i'd take lots of pictures.


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