high school sucks

It really does.

I never used to complain so much, but then again, I never had much of a life. But now I just want to graduate and have freedom/independence from my mom.

I have to get into a college I like first.

Very boring entry. How about a survey to spruce it up:

1. Is your alarm clock set to the correct time or is it a few minutes ahead?:
It's the correct time.

2. What color do the buttons on your cell phone light up as?:
I think they're white.

3. When was the last time you wore flip flops?:
Like SEPTEMBER! I miss summer.

4. What's the main ringtone on your phone?:
Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

5. If you're listening to a song right now, is the singer male or female?:
Jay Chou = Male.

6. If you're Catholic/Christian, what did you give up for Lent?:
I'm not.

7. What was the last movie you watched at home?:
High School Musical 3...

8. Does your house have air conditioning?:

9. What is a comedy movie that never fails to make you laugh?:
It doesn't take much for me to laugh.

10. Does your house have a welcome mat?:
I think there's a mat, but it doesn't say welcome.

11. What is the closest food item?:
Does a can of Pepsi count?

12. What radio station do you listen to most often?:
Probably Kiss 108.

13. Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?:
I might have in China, don't remember.

14. If you ever drive one-handed, do you drive better with your left hand or right hand?:
I have never driven.

15. What color is the closest door knob?:
Clear, cause it's glass.

16. Have you ever slapped somebody across the face?:
Yes, but not as hard as I would have liked.

17. Do you ever make sexual innuendo out of innocent phrases?:

18. Would you rather tour the American white house or party at the Playboy mansion?:

19. Do you have to wear a retainer for anything?:
Yes, unfortunately.

20. When were you last at an airport?:
A couple weeks ago, dropping off my grandparents.

21. When you were younger, did you play with Legos?:
Not really.

22. Do you own any animal print clothing?:
I do not.

23. Do you wear a bathrobe after you shower?:

24. Does your dad have facial hair?:
He's the notorious mustache man.

25. Can you run in heels?:
Kind of?

26. Do you know anybody who works in a flower shop?:

27. How often do you exercise?:
Like real exercise? Never.

28. Do you own and use a debit card?:

29. What card game did you last play?:
No idea...big two?

30. Who were you with last night?:

I guess I'll go read my contemporary literature book now.

Rockets are not fascinating at all...


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