nobody hugs a rose

Before I even begin this post, I would just like people to know I'm not depressed or anything.

I've just been feeling lonely lately, and sometimes these lyrics describe it pretty well. But the context of the song is inaccurate.

She's all alone 'cause nobody hugs rose.
There's never been a prettier soul,
No, there's never been a lovelier rose.
But she can never wipe away all her tears.
She cries herself to sleep and
wakes up to the same old fears.

Moving on.

The days have been longer, so that makes me happy. Maybe when it's actually warm outside, I will get out there. But for now, I'm perfectly happy staying inside reading my favorite blogs.

I found another pair of shoes I really like. But sadly, they are not for sale anymore. However, I did find a pair of them for sale on eBay. Sadly again, I cannot afford to buy them at the moment.

I need to job hunt if my old summer employer doesn't hire again.


Photo - cobra snake

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