tiring tuesday

I just got back from Bandarama, an annual musical performance that includes music students from all the schools in the district. Little kids and big kids, haha. Yes, I am a dork and I play the violin. I used to play the flute too, but I quit. Thank goodness it wasn't too long, because it used to drag on forever.

[Bandarama 2008]

But anyways, I'm pretty exhausted for some reason. I think I need more sleep. I have two quizzes to study for tonight though. Not very exciting.

You know what is exciting though? Our school's boy basketball team made it to the state finals!! I'm not that big on school sports, but I do have some school pride.

Somehow that reminded me that I have to wear red and black tomorrow for our class picture. Then I also have to pay for the millions of senior activities...well, my mom has to.

I guess I'll go study now. Boo.


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