spring is coming

A much needed personal update - my weekend was pretty relaxing. I didn't do that much, other than eat a lot!!

On Friday, my mom, Jeff, and I ate dinner at Minado. Too much food, I couldn't even move after!! I never eat my money's worth at buffets, but that's okay.

[I want a kimono/yukata]

Yesterday, Saturday, I was at home a lot. My mom made me clean pretty much the entire house. That didn't leave too much time for fun. But Jeff came over, and then my sisters' friends also did for dinner. After dinner we were still craving food, so we stopped by the mall, KFC, and the supermarket. So unhealthy! We went back to my house to re-watch a Chinese movie.

Today was such a nice day!! It seems like spring is finally coming. I attempted to do my homework, but I only got some of it done. It's a combination of senioritis/spring fever/laziness. Afterwards, Jeff and my younger sister went to her favorite store for all things cute, Chinatown, and Porter Sq. I bought a Sweet to read, and Jeff got some takoyaki.

[Rinka & some funny socks]

Oh right! Here's a college update: I got wait-listed at Brandeis. But I was just kind of whatever about it because I didn't want to really go there. I only applied because my mom wanted me to. Being wait-listed is better than full-on rejection though.

I'm so nervous now! The letters should be rolling in very soon...

Another week of school begins tomorrow.


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