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Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I'm not Irish, but that's okay. I realized this after I changed this morning, but was too lazy to put anything green on. So at school I felt a bit out of place in my red hoodie.

The sun is out today; I love it. And I'm feel much better than yesterday, when I had a runny nose and a headache. I should be out there doing something, but I'm much too lazy. There's homework and studying to be done anyways.

There is approximately 10 weeks of school left. That seems like such a long time...
I wish it was the end of May. Then I could be done with schoolwork and AP testing, and enjoy awards night, prom, graduation, and summer!!!

[I don't have a oddly shaped tummy, it's my passport pouch!]

I desperately want to travel this summer. I decided to add a photo of my older sister and me in China last April. I miss seeing new sights. But my plans are undecided, as is my future.

I check the mailbox everyday in hopes of finding something...no news yet.


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  1. i think 10 weeks will go by soo fast. cherish it while you still can =)



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