show me the money

Everything these days seem to revolve around finances.

We got our scholarship booklets today in school. So I'm going to have to fill out applications for like 20 scholarships, even though I'm only going to get like, two. Might as well try, like my mom says.

I'm still behind on financial aid stuff. I have send all those tax returns to the colleges. I actually went to buy those big manila envelopes today so I could send them ASAP.

And I finally decided to put all the quarters I've been saving for a couple years into a bigger piggy bank. Or in my case, a kitty bank...I can't wait until I cash it all in, there's serious money to be made!

[It fits twice as much]

Checklist for things I need to pay for:
  • NYC festival trip
  • prom deposit
  • class trip deposit
  • class picture fee
  • orchestra apparel
I don't want this whole entry to be me blabbing about school, so...

I want a cupcake.


Photo - the cherry blossom girl

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  1. i haven't had a cupcake in a while now.. and iyeas, everything does revolve around money sometimes.. which is kind of sad.

    good luck with your scholarship applications!



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