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How was everyone's Halloweekend? Mine was pretty fun, despite the fact that I didn't really engage in any spooky activities!

We decided to take a trip to Rockport, and take in the coastal views and food before they closed for the winter season! Surprisingly, it wasn't too far of a drive. Took lots of touristy photos, ate lobster and other sea goodies, and walked around looking at memorabilia I would never buy. Fun fact: most of the movie The Proposal was filmed here! It wasn't Alaska...those tricksters.

Made a halfway pitstop at the mall afterwards and got myself some goodies at Forever21. The F21 at Northshore is seriously the best one...I wish I had more time to look around but we were in a time rush! But I managed to snag a couple pullovers/cardigans/earrings.

For dinner we made it back into the city and had some shabu shabu at Little Q! It was pretty good, but I think I still like Shabu-Zen the best. That's all I really have to say about that.

All in all, an enjoyable day other than cramming my history of medical debates paper in at the very end. Maybe I'll go buy some discounted candy at the drugstore tomorrow.


P.S. This is my 500th post - WOW!

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  1. You with that lobster!! I love it!!

    Whut!? Hollywood lies!? No waaaaaay XD. That's kinda cool though, closer to visit than Alaska for the movie's pretty scenery :D


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