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The weather usually gets chilly around this time of year, but yesterday it happened to be quite nice out. So Jeff decided to drive back after his classes and we spent the day together. It makes the week a lot shorter when there's a break in there!

We had Kelly's Roast Beef for lunch, which was alright. He had the roast beef, I actually had the pulled beef (?). I forgot to take photos though...

After eating we went for a quick trip around the mall. Got myself a pair of shorts from H&M. I really like the wash of them - they remind me of the Wildfox style, a kind of 80's vintage California look? They're a bit short (they were the last pair!), but they were on sale for only $5 so I'll either wear them with shorts or just around the house. Or maybe even on the beach.

I've been wanting to go to H-Mart, so we did! Did some grocery shopping along with Mama Lee and then we had Korean grub for dinner at the food court. I don't know the name of the thing I ordered...but it was like a spicy pork with veggies soup. I was just craving the kimchee they give you on the side though, hehe.

I know I keep saying I have a lot to do and I should stay away from this blog...but it's like a stress reliever! Until next time~


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