day twenty two & twenty three

Day 22 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Dear Throat,
Stop hurting. You're really annoying and making me thirsty all the time.


Day 23 - 15 facts about you.

1. I'm really bad at these fact questions.
2. I was given a different name at birth, and didn't have it legally changed until a couple years ago.
3. I don't like wearing socks.
4. I have a weird habit of smelling my mascara before using it.
5. I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was in junior high (but it's not life-threatening).
6. I look forward to shopping for maternity clothes.
7. I don't mind being alone and sometimes even prefer it.
8. I'm allergic to shallots...
9. I've declared the hippopotamus my favorite animal ever since finding out that albino ones are pink.
10. I think my ears are lopsided and that my eyes don't match up either.
11. I'm a big procrastinator and really lazy (unless I'm trying to make someone happy).
12. I hate cold weather and have decided to move to California when I'm older.
13. I'm super indecisive when it comes to picking what to eat. I would eat soup for the rest of my life.
14. I find late afternoon to be my favorite time of day.
15. I'm quite boring.

I rushed this entry cause I don't really like these two challenges. But I figured I had to get them done.


photos - we live young

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