it's been a while

I kinda became a little inconsistent with the posting again. It's been a busy week, and I think I'll probably be busy for the rest of October :( College sucks, huh? But I'll try to post regular (and better!) posts. I have these big plans for my blog but you know me...procrastinator to the max.

This is gonna be a "what I did this weekend" post~

Our good friend Terence turned 21 last week and it was his celebration. We went to karaoke in Chinatown and then had hot pot for dinner at Kaze Shabu. Afterwards, we went to the hotel room that he rented and had a mini party. I didn't take that many photos but here's just a couple from my iPhone...
(Avoiding the microphone by camera-whoring, the birthday boy singing, and part of the guest list)

Until next time...


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  1. whaat! is that a private room kareoke ?? wheres that ^ ^


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