back to reality

Weekend was pretty good. Friday night was the usual restaurant charade. But Jeff and I decided to take Saturday off and have some time to ourselves. I wanted to go shopping quite badly but limited myself to H&M...where I left empty handed. I guess it's a good thing though. However, we went next door to the bookstore and I got myself a stack of new magazines. My guilty pleasures.

We had a farewell family dinner for my cousin, who's moving to California next week. I'm really jealous. I think I'll end up there someday...I love Boston but I feel like a California girl at heart. Hehe. After we said our farewells, Jeff and I headed up to Clark for a little college fun. We first went to a friend's costume party, where I dressed as a pilot and Jeff was the Pink Panther. We then went to another friend's dance party afterward and hung out before we decided to bounce for our usual late night food & tv. I love lazing around.

I have much to do before this month ends. Ugh. I know I should keep myself away from the world wide web but I just can't help myself!


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