one of those days

Long rant of a bad day.
Feel free to skip.

It started with last night when I was studying for my final. Of course, it's completely normal for me to feel discouraged while studying. But when I was confident that I knew enough, I put my notes away and went to bed. But I couldn't fall asleep. I don't know if it was because I had been sleeping much later the last couple weeks, or if because I was nervous. (Or cause my roommate snores like a truck driver...) I tossed and turned for nearly three hours before getting a minimal amount of shut-eye.

Then this morning I was rudely interrupted by the roommate's alarm. Not only was it blaring loud, but she did not wake up. So the annoying sound was repeating over and over again for what seemed like eternity, ruining my last chance of sleeping soundly. I got up and got ready and it seemed like my day was brightening up when I went to get my morning caffeine. It 's really nice out and I hadn't been up this early in forever.

I got to my classroom and found a seat, prepared to tackle this final.
Let's just say it was the ultimate fail.

Now I'm at the library printing out papers that are due (which are also craptastic). I'm completely finished with this semester, and I'm ecstatic. But it also really sucks. Sorry if it seems like I'm complaining over nothing. Trust me though, it's worse than it sounds.

Oh, and I'm breaking out due to all this stress.
Everyone have an awesome Thursday to make up for mine.


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  1. It's OK! Everyone in college feels like this right now... We feel happy that it's over but sad we didn't try harder! At least I do !


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