no sleep tonight

Been having trouble sleeping lately. Maybe I'm not used to my bed at home anymore. I think it might be cause I'm not used to sleeping alone either nowadays...

Jeffrey woke me up too early to get breakfast at Tresca's. Said he would call me back in an hour or so, but I guess his tummy couldn't wait that long. I got my usual there - a combo of scrambled eggs, toast, home fries, and my favorite corned beef hash. Oh, and a cup of coffee. Strolled around 24 hour CVS in the whee hours after. No new magazines there for me, but Jeff picked up an issue of Maxim so we could see the the Hot 100 for 2010. Katy Perry is definitely not number one.

Went back to bed for a little before getting up again to go work at the restaurant. Tuesdays are sort of slow - but I don't really mind too much. Time flew by fast enough. After, we decided to stop by the mall real quick before closing. I managed to snag a (faux) fur vest before we grabbed a bite to eat at Chick-Fil-A. I love chicken sandwiches. Theirs is the best ever. And amazing service too :)

Here I am now, rambling about my day at 3 am. I can't sleep and have nothing else better to do at this time of night.


photo - i love wildfox

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  1. find another job. and you shop too much nowadays. i don't get to go anywhere interesting becuse of my two classes and two jobs.


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