bad endings

It was sweltering hot today. Spent the day at the restaurant, which passed by pretty quickly today since I brought some reading material. My mom handed me this book Shanghai Girls to me the other day, said she heard it was a good book and told me I should read it if I have time. I don't remember when the last time I read a book was (fall, perhaps?) but I decided I shouldn't let my brain rot this summer. 300 pages later, I am disappointed. I don't want this post to turn into a book review so read it for yourself if interested.

Jeffrey and I went to return a movie to RedBox after work and came back with two new movies. We watched It's Complicated while we ate,which I actually enjoyed. But again...ending was disappointing. The other movie we rented was Dear John, but from what I've heard, I think I'll be disappointed again. I think I should wake Jeff up right now and watch it before bed. I think I'll do that.

Desperately want to go to the beach. I really prefer the weekday when it's not stuffed with people, but unfortunately, Jeff only takes Sundays off. I should try to convince him otherwise.


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