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Friday after classes, Jeff and some of his friends from Clark came down to Boston to go shopping on Newbury. So I met them there but left shortly after to go out to dinner for my mom's birthday. We went to Victoria's Seafood and it was pretty good. I abruptly interrupted when I was about to go to bed by Jeff because they went to a party and it sucked so they wanted to go to a diner. We went to the New York Diner in Watertown and I got yummy corn beef hash and scrambled eggs!

On Saturday I totally forget what I did before 6 PM. Probably because I slept a whole bunch and lazed around the whole day. But it was another celebration for my mom that night so that's what I did. Later on, Jeff and his friends and I went up to Brandeis to visit my friend! They were looking forward to partying but this weekend was kind of a disappointment because there were no good parties going on. We ended up going to the "Baseball House" which was full of jerks. One guy asked his friend to dance and she said no and then there was all this drama. But whatever, it was nice to see my friend!

I never do anything Sundays, as you all know. Except for watch Jeff watch football, and eat. Ahahaha. I got back to my dorm and then ate with my family again. Then I did my hideous history essay and called it a night at 3 AM.

I woke up late today and skipped my Japanese class. Whoops! I wanna finish moving all my shit today!! Just have to get through tomorrow and it's all good for Thanksgiving.


photos - david shama

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