halloween in wonderland

I celebrated Halloween at Clark U this year. The club Jeff is in was making a "Alice in Wonderland"-themed haunted house for the occasion. So I helped (well, watched) them. It was chaotic but at the end, it came out pretty well.

Remember Natalia V's editorial as Alice? I really liked it.

If anybody wants to know, Jeff was a sort of zombie-doctor/surgeon and I was his nurse. They were kind of last-minute ideas, but they were quite a hit. A random pair of Asian fobs even asked to take a picture with us, haha.

The haunted house took up the majority of the night, until like 3 am including cleanup, so I
was really tired after. There was an after-party, but I just decided to rest instead of going out.

So that was my Halloween.
Wait...I didn't get any candy!
I'm gonna get candy from the after-Halloween sales now.


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