sunday strolls

It was a nice day out today.
I miss writing these daily entries about what I do.
There is a lack o them because college life for me consists of going to class & spending the rest of the time not studying and going online.

Next semester, I will be taking the following classes: Developmental Psychology, Environmental Science, Eastern World Religion, and Race & Boston. It seems like a really random array of classes, but that's what happens when you're undeclared...I am not remotely interested in any of those things. Except for maybe psychology. I'm just trying to fulfill some requirements in the meantime.

We went to eat dim sum for brunch, and it was pretty good since it's been a while. Afterward, we went shopping around downtown & Fanueil Hall. Basically, H&M and Urban Outfitters. Jeff bought me a book and this cute jumpsuit-type thing from UB. I don't know how it looks on me yet, but let's cross our fingers. For dinner we ate at good 'ol Ittyo at Porter Square. Curry hamburg is so delicious...

As usual, I am left sitting here at my dorm with endless amounts of work and no motivation to do any of it.


PS. And these hiccups won't go away.

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