fall days

After completely failing my second statistics midterm, we went out for dinner in celebration of my sister's birthday. We went to a restaurant in the North End called Dolce Vita. It wasn't a very pleasant experience. We got seated in the basement...and the food wasn't anything special. But afterward we went to Mike's Pastry and the cannolis were delicious!

Spent the day at Jeff's house, and we went to my house for dinner. Then we made a late-night Target run. I love that place. We got...stockings, a small Christmas tree, moisturizer, a travel comb, a magazine....and more random stuff.

Jeff cooked me a hearty breakfast...I was so full after that. We watched football all day and then cleaned up the mess of a room I always make. And then back to school...Sundays are sucky for that reason. Having Monday the next day. But that's life.


photo - the cobra snake

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