monday adventure

Because we failed at going to IKEA yesterday, we went today! Of course I had their Swedish meatballs for lunch, as did Jeff. We picked up some organizers and random stuff. We stopped by the mall after but I didn't buy anything since we were just there a couple days ago. Jeff found this restaurant in Jamaica Plain that we went to eat after which had good service and atmosphere. The food wasn't bad either, but it wasn't anything extraordinary. Oh and it's called Canary Square. Some snaps from my iPhone - cheese-covered fries, mussels, haddock, & baked mac and cheese!



  1. Baked mac & cheese is a simple but highly potent weakness of mine! Looks delicious!!

  2. zomg. im hungry now.
    p.s. i hate the verification code you make me put in every time i want to comment...


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