gold mine

I go to Target at least once a week, if not more! I can't stay away from that place and it doesn't help that their store is so close by. Jeff and I have been awake since about 7 PM and wasn't feeling tired by the time morning rolled around so we decided to grab a quick breakfast and walk around Target. We picked up some ice cream, iced tea, beach towel, and this travel brush set I wanted to share with you guys!

It's by Sonia Kashuk, and I think it's a limited edition summer brush set of some sort. It came with this clutch to carry it in as well. The original price was $25 and it was on sale for $13, so I snatched it up. The wooden handles are really cute and summery! I think it was a funny coicidence that I decided to wash my makeup brushes this morning so I tried these ones as soon as I got home. I really like the pointed foundation/concealer brush; it's unlike any brush I have at the moment. Yay!

It's such a beautiful day out! But I'm going to take a nap for a couple hours before work~



  1. I just wanted to point out that you buy so much random stuff. haha.

  2. aww those brushes look really cute! i wonder if they have it at the target here~~


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