another maxi

It felt like fate when I saw this dress today. The first time I saw it while shopping a few weeks ago, I didn't think it was worth the $50 price tag so I held off. I even went online and contemplated buying it when it was marked down to $40. But I didn't. Last week I randomly decided to see if it had went on sale yet, and to my surprise, it was now $20! But then, they didn't have my size left, so I left empty-handed once again. Today I decided to give it another go when I was at the mall and it was well worth the wait - they had my size and was now $15. I don't know why I liked this dress so much, but it made my day :)


P.S. Excuse my ugly face and pose - I usually never try things on in changing rooms but I couldn't decide which size to get.

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