life is a beach

On Sunday morning, Jeff and I drove down to Hampton Beach in the wee hours of the morning, which was pretty nice because there is usually mad traffic! We walked along the shore and laid in the sand reading magazines. I was hoping to tan a little but it was too breezy for me, so we ended up walked around the boardwalk shortly after. None of the restaurants were really open yet but Jeff bought me some shorts and a Hello Kitty beach towel and then we played some arcade games. As more people started to show up, more shops opened and we got some fried dough and slush puppies! We debated going back onto the beach, but it wasn't much warmer so we just decided to get some fresh seafood!

We went to Brown's, of course! Got the seafood platter with lobster and fresh steamers! It was delicious.

After eating, we decided to pick a random mall in New Hampshire to drive to and settled on Rockingham, which claimed to be the biggest mall in the state. Pretty good size, but it's just like any other mall! I bought a dress from H&M that I wanted a while ago and it was finally on sale for $20 from $40. And then I got sucked into buying some stuff from The Body Shop.

Good day, I'd say. We came home and passed out for hours considering we didn't sleep the night before!


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