it's been three years!

Yesterday, Jeff and I celebrated our three year anniversary! I had planned on blogging about it last night, but I didn't feel so well :( So I'm doing it now!

We didn't plan anything extravagant, so we slept in! When we got up it was only to get ready for dinner reservations Jeff had made at Oceanaire, which was recommended by his sister. Originally the reservations were for 7, but we were too hungry to wait! Everything was very nice and it wasn't too fancy, which I actually prefer. We ordered the crab cake, king crab, clam chowder, gazpacho, stuffed shrimp with linguine, rib eye steak, baked mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and the baked alaska! A lot of food...! And check out the personalized menus they gave us to bring home!

I wish the weather was nicer, but it was kind of chilly! We decided to go see Hangover 2 and had to wait like two hours for the next showing...and the movie was kind of disappointing. Oh well. We actually saw the original Hangover on our first anniversary so that's why we chose it. Haha.

Then we went home and I passed out because my head was killing me!


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  1. haha hangover 2 sucked. you got that right. glad i never saw the first one. congrats to you and jeffrey.


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