labor day

Even though I find myself with plenty of spare time here at college, I haven't been keeping up blogging that well. I think I've just gotten lazy...

It was a long weekend this week. I am going to keep it as short & simple as possible. (And there will be random photos scattered about.)

After I was done with classes on Friday, Jeff came by BU and we had some
Korean food at the 88 Food Court before heading back to Clark. He and his roommates were having a "suite-warming party". Parties aren't really my thing, but it was alright.

[New wallet from my sister, it's a lot more neon than it looks!]

On Saturday, Jeff and I went to his sister's house to help out with her wedding reception favors. She's getting married in October! You'll have to wait and see what they are. It was also my friend's birthday and the three of us went to Plaster Fun Time for fun. Our pieces are not finished yet, but they're gonna be awesome.

[My hippopotamus "piggy" bank]

[Jeff's cheeseburger thing]

My family had a BBQ on Sunday for Labor Day (?). Lots of food and old people I didn't recognize. After all that, I went back to Clark with Jeff again. The night consisted of movies, Wii, and karaoke. I'm still tired right now.

[Making a face]

Today a couple of Jeff's friends came along and we all went shopping at the Natick. After some browsing, we went to eat at Minado's. But we arrived too early for dinner and waited in the nearby Newbury Comics, laughing at Chuck Norris & Mr. T jokes. Then we ate.

[New magazines...perhaps pink is gonna be big in October?]

Now I am back at my dorm, working on my homework assignment for my Writing 101 class. I hate writing, yet I like blogging...


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  1. your BF goes to clark?? that's cool !! i live near there lol. does he think it's ghetto or what?


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