here comes the bride

Really not the mood to blog right now, but it must be done.

Jeff visited me at BU for the first time this weekend. On Friday, we had dinner at the fabulous dining hall and then went to see The September Issue. It was pretty good, but somehow I expected more...

We had lunch on Saturday with my younger sister Kathy. Then it was pretty much lounging around at home before getting ready for Jeff's cousin's wedding reception. It was the typical Asian banquet-style, eating & drinking and listening to a cheesy MC. We left a little early but it was all good cause one of Jeff's other cousin was being an obnoxious drunk.

[a souvenir photo]

Today was a rainy Sunday. We were hesitant about going shopping since it was crappy outside, but we sucked it up and walked around for a bit. Didn't buy anything, but I guess I really wasn't in the mood.

Noooo. The weekend is over.

And ugh. People (cough, roommates) suck.


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  1. LOLL, in the second picture is that your BF on the far right?? if it is... he looks like a completely different person xDD it's so funny..


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